Please see below for information about the roles and individuals of the first ACP-UK Board of Directors. We will shortly be holding elections to the Board and will hopefully be recruiting to new roles (such as an additional Expert by Experience, Trainee Reps, Early Career and England Reps), and we will update this page when we have done this.

Mike Wang
Chair of the Board of Directors

Mike’s biography

Arabella Kurtz
Infrastructure Lead

Arabella’s biography

Che Rosebert
External Communications Lead

Che’s biography

Alistair Duff
Internal Communications Lead

Alistair’s biography

Jon Crossley

Jon’s biography

Bernard Kat
Legal Lead

Bernard’s biography

Dorothy Frizelle
Director of Membership &
Member Services

Dorothy’s biography

Simon Mudie
Expert by Experience
Citizens Assembly

Simon’s biography

Scotty Heyes
Director for Northern

Scotty’s biography

Ruth Stocks
Director for Scotland

Ruth’s biography

Beth Parry-Jones
Director for Wales

Beth’s biography

Mike Berger
Information Technology Lead

Mike’s biography