In 2018-2019 the Interim Board of Directors met to discuss what the key Director Roles should be after our first round of elections in May 2019. Members voted for a Chair, six directors to be allocated to executive positions by the Board, a Director for Early Careers and Directors for each of the four nations of the UK. There are a number of other representative Director Roles to which the Board has co-opted colleagues with the requisite experience. The Director of Training was put forward by the Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology. The Director of Trainees will be elected by a team of eight Trainee Representatives, two from each nation.

The current Board of Directors has been elected for a three year term commencing on June 21st 2019. It consists of an executive team who are involved in the day-to-day running of the organisation, and a number of representative roles. They are as follows:

Mike Wang
Chair of the
Board of Directors

Mike’s biography

Arabella Kurtz
Director of

Arabella’s biography

Che Rosebert
Director of External

Che’s biography

Sally Morgan
Director of Media and Communications

Sally’s biography

Jon Crossley
Director of

Jon’s biography

Bernard Kat
Director of

Bernard’s biography

Tori Snell
Director of Membership &
Member Services

Tori’s biography

Simon Mudie
Director for
Service Users

Simon’s biography

To be co-opted
Director for

Biography to follow

Sarah Swan
Director for

Sarah’s biography

David McCormack
Director for
Northern Ireland

David’s biography

Ruth Stocks
Director for

Ruth’s biography

John Fox
Director for

John’s biography

James Randall
Director for
Early Careers

James’s biography

Mike Berger
Director for
Retired Members

Mike’s biography

Dave Dawson
Director for

Dave’s biography

To be elected by Trainee Reps
Director for

Biography to follow