ACP-UK supports the call for clinical psychologists to speak out on climate change

  • September 2019

ACP-UK members will have recently received an email bulletin relating to the ACP-UK’s support for an open letter relating to climate change, entitled “Practitioner psychologists and the trauma of climate change: An open letter demanding immediate and effective action”. Signed by over 1000 psychological professionals, this letter takes very seriously the potential impact of climate change on psychological wellbeing and health.

It is the hope of the lead authors, Dr Kaaren Knight, Ms Annie Mitchell, Dr Tony Wainwright and Dr Khadija Rouf, that this letter will be published within the mainstream media this coming week – as the Nation’s media commit to raising the profile of climate change issues, culminating in an international climate strike on Friday, 20th September 2019.

Professor Mike Wang, Chair of the Association of Clinical Psychologists – UK said, “Inaction and complacency are the privileges of yesterday. The Association of Clinical Psychologists-UK demand that policy makers no longer hesitate or consider, but instead, act and seek change in partnership across all divides; professionally, politically, and crucially, internationally. Clinical Psychologists are ready and willing to help countries protect the health and wellbeing of their citizens given the inevitable social and psychological consequences of climate change.”

To sign this letter in support, please visit here