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General enquiries: contact the ACPUK Administrator on [email protected]

Questions regarding Membership (eligibility, fees etc.): [email protected]

Contacting the Chair [email protected]

ACPUK Internal Communications Lead [email protected]
(For  communications to members including newsletter)

ACPUK External Communications Lead  [email protected]
(Covers communications with external organisations)

National Representatives can be contacted on:

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Frequently asked questions

I am a member of a Faculty of the DCP. What is the ACP-UK’s attitude to Faculties?2018-03-08T01:14:29+00:00

ACP-UK is keen to support the DCP Faculties and would encourage existing Faculties and their members to find a home in ACP-UK. ACP-UK is presently In negotiation with a number of Faculties and DCP subsystems.

How is ACP-UK funded?2018-03-08T01:14:05+00:00

ACP-UK is entirely funded by member subscriptions.

Is ACP-UK a charity?2018-03-08T01:13:46+00:00

No. We have avoided charitable status because although it may have tax advantages, we have seen from the example of the BPS that it restricts how volunteer professionals and their employers can be reimbursed for their time.

Is ACP-UK a legal entity?2018-10-24T10:37:06+00:00

The ACP-UK is legally a Community Interest Company registered with Companies House.

Should I resign from the BPS and join ACP-UK?2018-03-09T12:39:34+00:00

There is no reason for not being a member of both organisations other than money. The ACP-UK offers different benefits than the BPS such as connection with other psychologists and promotion of the discipline of psychology. The purpose of the ACP-UK is to promote, specifically, the profession of clinical psychology. However if you feel you can only afford one subscription, we would encourage you to join ACP-UK.

I am a psychology graduate and hope to train as a clinical psychologist in the future. Can I join the ACP-UK?2018-03-08T01:16:06+00:00

Yes, as an Associate. Full membership is reserved for qualified clinical psychologists and trainees.

I am a trainee clinical psychologist. Can I join the ACP-UK?2018-03-08T01:15:43+00:00

Yes, with full voting rights but at a reduced subscription rate.

Can Counselling or Health Psychologists join the ACP?2018-03-08T01:15:14+00:00

Yes, but as Associates. Full Membership is reserved for Clinical Psychologists.

I am a member of the Division of Neuropsychology. What is the ACP-UK’s attitude to the DoN?2018-03-08T01:14:54+00:00

ACP-UK is keen to support the Division of Neuropsychologists and share its concerns about the absence of statutory protection for the title Clinical Neuropsychologist. The ACP-UK is presently in dialogue with the leadership of the DoN about joint strategy and collaboration.