Covid-19 Response2020-05-07T14:02:08+00:00

The ACP-UK Covid-19 Response has been developed to complement existing offers and in consultation with members. There are several elements to it, which are:

  • Publication of examples of innovative practice and members’ perspectives on the current crisis.
  • A webinar programme, consisting of a weekly ACT-based webinar offering support for frontline health and social care colleagues, and webinars for members on the 20 Minute Care Space (a structured support intervention) and Heads and Hearts (a model for facilitation of reflective practice groups). We hope members will be involved in developing further webinars.
  • A member support scheme, in which members volunteer to offer safe and confidential support and mentoring to other members (we anticipate this continuing beyond the current crisis).
  • A support offer during the current crisis for clinical leads and senior medics, who may find it difficult to make use of existing provision.

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