Covid-19 Response: One-to-one Support Schemes2020-05-07T19:30:14+00:00
ACP-UK is pleased to launch two new 1-1 support offers as part of our response to Covid-19. The first scheme is coordinated by Dr Penelope Cream, who has had an interest in developing a support scheme for clinical psychologists for some years, and involves members volunteering to offer a confidential, support space to other members (both qualified colleagues and trainees). The second is coordinated by Dr Alex Stirzaker, and involves members who are senior clinical psychologists volunteering to offer support for senior medics and clinical leads in services dealing with the current healthcare crisis. Please see below for more details about both schemes, and information about how to access support.

The scheme provides all ACP-UK trainee and qualified full members with free, confidential support from other clinical psychologists who will listen, advise and help. You can choose to speak to someone outside your organisation or geographical area if you prefer. Sessions will initially be by either phone or video, at times to be arranged between you and the psychologist supporting you.

The scheme provides a confidential self-referral service for senior medical staff, clinical team leaders and senior management to provide one-to-one psychological support for those who feel they would benefit from it. Consultants/team leaders may also value a single consultation about their team’s functioning or a team member causing concern.

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