Introducing Dave Dawson, Director for Training

  • August, 2019

The ACP has become an important voice within the profession, providing a new avenue for Clinical Psychologists to be able to more fully articulate and publicise the important benefits psychology can offer to society, organisations, and individuals. Part of my role as Director for Trainers and Training Courses is to facilitate communication and promote active partnership between the ACP and the broader clinical psychology training community within the UK.

I have a strong commitment to Clinical Psychology training, and specifically, the role of research within that training. For the past 10 years I have worked as a Research Clinical Psychologist on the Trent Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, supporting trainees to develop the knowledge, expertise, and values to conduct clinically-relevant and impactful research.

Clinical Psychologists bring a research-informed, evidence-based psychological perspective to all aspects of healthcare, and I firmly believe these skills not only enable us to better support the people and organisations with whom we work, but also provide us with the tools to make real changes and improvements where required.

I am delighted to join the Board of Directors in order to play my part in highlighting the benefits clinical psychology science, training, and practice can bring to healthcare and society more broadly.