Update on Formation of
ACP-UK Member Networks

  • Dorothy Frizelle

  • May 2019

This is an update to clarify ACP-UK developments related to the establishment of Member Networks. The process for this has been as democratic as possible and based on member views and voices gathered via survey, social media discussions and contact and also via members views gleaned at conference. Information from all these sources was collated resulting in four member networks being the avant garde for ACP-UK! These are Psychosis and Complex Mental Health, Clinical Health Psychology, Community Psychology and Leadership. We are also actively supporting members who have contacted us with regards to a Children’s and Young People Network.

It is really important to note that ACP-UK aims to support formation of networks across all spheres of interest and influence. However, we need to make a start and the majority of interest from members at this point in time related to the above areas. An important ethos for ACP-UK is that the organisation works to support what members need and want wherever possible and in line with our values. In real terms this means there is a strong collaboration between members and the Board to align energy, creativity and need to strategy and vision – to be the voice for Clinical Psychologists and the people, services and communities they advocate for.

In order to achieve the balance between having a clear lead and steer on network development whilst also allowing for fair and transparent process, the Board has invited specific members to act as ‘Interim Network Leads’. This role will entail taking a lead role in pulling together interested members across all four nations, including experts by experience colleagues; acting as a liaison between members and ACP-UK Board; promoting members to join ACP-UK and starting the process of establishing what members want from their network and ACP-UK. Importantly, the Interim Network Lead will also hold responsibility for facilitating a formal elections process for the network where members can nominate themselves or colleagues to stand for elections to Network Lead role for the next 3 years. These elections are planned for September 2019 and more information will follow.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by email at [email protected] should you have any questions, concerns or queries related to these exciting developments.

Dorothy Frizelle, Director of Membership & Member Services

Dorothy consulting about member networks at the ACP-UK inaugural conference in Edinburgh, March 2019