Your Personal Information: ACPUK Privacy and Information Management Policy

  • Lawful basis of processing

ACPUK has identified and reviewed the purposes for processing personal data, detailed below, and has concluded that individual consent for each activity is the most appropriate lawful basis for each of our current and anticipated activities. These activities are necessary in order that we can engage with our members through electronic and other forms of communication and accomplish our aims in a fully transparent and responsive manner in conformity with current legislative requirements.

  • The ACPUK can be contacted at:

PO Box 10657

Telephone enquiries only: 07736015233

Email:  [email protected]

The ACPUK Data Protection Officer (DPO) can be contacted via [email protected]

  • Our Policy

This document details the ACPUK approach to dealing with your personal information in conformity with the  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Personal information is the information entered by you, required or requested as part of the application process for membership of the Association of Clinical Psychologists-UK (ACPUK).

WebCollect is the company that collects and processes ACPUK membership information and subscriptions on behalf of ACPUK. This information is then stored on WebCollect systems. The WebCollect Privacy Policy is available at

  • Application of the Privacy Policy
  1. This policy will apply to any information you submit at all stages of an application process for routes to Associate, Member, or Trainee membership.
  2. Information collected from Unsuccessful applicants will not be retained.
  3. Successful applicants will be allocated to one of the membership categories and this will also be stored on the WebCollect systems.
  4. WebCollect will also store information about your communication consents.
  • Why we collect personal information

Personal information is collected, retained and processed to enable ACPUK to

provide you with the services and benefits that accrue from.  We will want to engage with you to seek your views about issues that affect Clinical Psychology as a profession and the services provided by clinical psychologists.  This will encompass local, national and UK-wide issues that may impact on you professionally and the services you contribute to or provide, and to help support and develop the quality of services from clinical psychologists.  ACPUK is also committed to fostering service-related research and development and may want to contact you in relation to this.

We will ensure, as best we can, that any personally identifiable information will have only been provided by you.

  • ACPUK may also use your information
  1. To solicit contributions to our Newsletter or other ACPUK publications,
  2. to inform you about or provide you with copies of our publications,
  3. to canvass you with a view to participating in ACPUK audits of the organization and its relevance to you and the profession,
  4. to invite you to consider opting-in to requests for participating in or otherwise supporting professional and service-relevant research,
  5. to inform you about other services including professional indemnity insurance, legal advice, conferences, training events, test materials, and to
  6. direct you to or provide you with access to information about policy statements, research and other publications relevant to Clinical Psychology practice and services.
  • Information sharing
  1. We will not normally divulge or share any personal information including your contact details, or email address.
  2. If a situation arises where there may be a request or need to share such information, we will not do so without first informing you about why we wish to do so and obtain your explicit consent for this,
  3. or as required by law to do so.
  • Information storage
  1. Please refer to the WebCollect Privacy Policy on the link above.
  2. Your information will be held and processed for ACPUK according to the WebCollect Privacy Notice and related undertakings.
  3. Copies of the WebCollect information relevant to ACPUK activities may be downloaded and retained by ACPUK for temporary processing to support our work. Once used, the information will be deleted form ACPUK systems.
  1. Information access
    1. All the information the ACPUK will hold about you can be accessed by using your username and password to log into your account via My Home and My profile links on the WebCollect website.
    2. You may obtain a copy of your personal ACPUK record by application to the Membership Secretary at [email protected]. In this and other requests to the Membership Secretary, you may be asked for some form of ID before the changes are made or the information is released. Also, changes requested through the Membership Secretary will normally be introduced within two weeks from the receipt of the request.
    • Making Changes to your Personal Information
    1. All changes to your personal information should be made through your WebCollect My Home or My profile links on your account page.
    2. You will be responsible for notifying the Membership Secretary of any changes to your personal information and for ensuring that it is correct.
    3. You can also introduce changes by a request to the Membership Secretary detailing the changes required. Some form of ID may be required.
    4. If you give notice of your intention to resign from ACPUK to the Membership Secretary, all personal information will be deleted once the resignation has been confirmed.
    • Correcting and removing and information
    1. You have the right to require that some or all your personal information be corrected if incorrect or removed from the record. This can be done
    2. directly by you on your WebCollect – My Home – account page or by
    3. making a request to the Membership Secretary.
    • Restriction of use
    1. You have the right to restrict the use of any of the information held about you. This can be specified when you enter information during the sign-up process on the Web Collect,
    2. subsequently through My Home pages, or
    3. by making a specific request to the Membership Secretary.
    • Retention and removal of records
    1. Your information will be retained only while you remain a member of ACPUK.
    2. Records will be removed if you do not maintain your membership through failure to pay subscriptions or by resigning.
    3. Members who have been removed from the HCPC Register of Practitioner Psychologists, or whose membership is terminated by a formal decision of the ACPUK Committee, will have all personal identifiable data permanently removed once ACPUK has been notified or becomes aware of, and have confirmed, the status changes.
    4. No action will ensue for members who have been suspended from the HCPC until a formal decision is published and ACPUK informed of the outcome by the member or by other evidence. After checking the information, ACPUK will act accordingly.
    5. In relation to suspension, ACPUK may from time to time ask a suspended member about the status of the suspension to ensure the accuracy of its records.
    • Notification of Data Breaches
    1. Information about the management of data breaches is provided by WebCollect
    2. Any data breaches on ACPUK systems that may impact on your personal information will be notified as soon as practicable through the e-mail address we hold for you.
  • Changes to the Privacy Policy

Changes to this Policy may be made from time to time and will be notified on the ACPUK website

  • Further information

If you have any questions relating to this Privacy Policy, please contact the Membership Secretary at [email protected]

  • In order to progress to the Application pages on WebCollect, you will need to agree to this privacy policy and our terms and conditions. Once in WebCollect you will be asked to confirm you have read the Privacy Policy and then specify how you wish ACPUK to use your Personal Data.