Response from Trailblazer Group to ACP-UK submission on proposed Occupational Standards for Clinical Associate Psychologist role in England

  • July, 2019

At the beginning of this year ACP-UK carried out a consultation of members about the proposed Occupational Standards (OSs) for the new role of Clinical Associate Psychologist (know as CAP) in England. We had a good response, receiving 113 returns, including representation from senior trainers and those who have worked as CAPs in Scotland. We submitted a report to the Trailblazer Group responsible for issuing the proposed OSs, which you can read if you follow this link: . The reply from Ken Laidlaw, Eugene Mullan and Phil Confue is published below. We are pleased that there is now a requirement for CAPs to be supervised by Clinical Psychologists and will be responding to this letter in due course, taking up some remaining issues of concern.