Introducing Arabella Kurtz, Director of Operations

  • December, 2018

I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist with over 25 years’ experience in NHS adult and forensic mental health services, and clinical psychology training. I currently work on the Leicester course and in private practice. I am firmly rooted in clinical work – especially one-to-one therapeutic work with individuals – but also interested in the powerful effects of organizational dynamics and social contexts. My research has looked at staff needs and the impact of reflective practice groups.

I am particularly keen on helping ACP-UK to become a healthy and dynamic organization – un-defensive, open to learning and responsive to its members. My role is Director of Operations, which means I focus on the realization of our strategy in how we work as a team, and arrange our resources and on-the-ground activities. My commitment to ACP-UK stems from a belief in the often unrecognized talents and expertise of clinical psychology colleagues. I want to work to address this lack of recognition and understanding of what we offer – for the benefit of the clients who use our services, to raise morale within our profession, and to make society as a whole more psychologically aware.

I did English as a first degree and have always enjoyed writing. One of the attractions of working for ACP-UK is the challenge of communicating psychological ideas in an effective way to those outside the profession. I have written two books: my book about psychotherapeutic process ‘The Good Story’ was written with the South African novelist JM Coetzee; a second book, ‘How To Run Reflective Practice Groups’, will be published in January 2020.