NICE to meet with stakeholder group to discuss revision of guidelines on depression in adults

  • April 2019

ACP-UK is one of the signatories on the Stakeholder Position Statement on the draft revision from NICE (the National Institute of Clinical Excellence) of guidelines for the treatment of depression in adults. An updated version of the statement appears below. It argues that there are significant methodological flaws in the current draft guidelines which need to be addressed. These include an overly narrow definition of research legitimacy, inattention to long-term follow-up data, reference to a simplistic and unified model of depression, and insufficient consultation with experts by experience in drawing up the guidelines.

We have had good news recently in that the group who are working on the NICE guidelines has offered to meet with stakeholder representatives to discuss the concerns raised in the statement, and the publication for the revised guidelines has also been put back to February 2020.

Click on the document below to open as a .pdf